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When I came across this video interview with Parisian architect Joseph Dirand via Twitter, I can honestly say that watching Dirand discuss his beautiful home in Paris stopped me in my tracks. I already knew of Dirand’s work - I posted about another glorious elegant project of his here - but still, his own home is just exquisite in its refined aesthetic and gorgeous, gorgeous use of materials.

Consider the kitchen with its herringbone parquet floor and chunky marble countertop and matching splashback - though the word ‘splashback’ doesn’t do this feature justice. Look at the compact dining area in the kitchen with its built-in bench seating. Look at that perfectly minimal marble fireplace in the living room. And the way in which the period detailing - detailing that Dirand installed into this property in the city’s 7th Arrondissement - is effortlessly complemented by the elegant, clean-lined furniture.

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