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None of these images are my own. Rather they offer a personal collection of photos I like, that catch my eye and are inspiring, or simply beautiful. Perhaps just an image I can't resist. I hope you enjoy and thanks for visiting - Fiona

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Having been given his first camera at the age of ten, Hans Blomquist’s career was pretty much decided at that point, and he has been obsessed with capturing details ever since. So his second title, the aptly named In Detail, is a moody and evocative book with stunning images, styled and shot by Hans, alongside UK based lifestyle photographer, Debi Treloar.  The reader is taken on a journey through visually inspiring chapters such as Nature, Texture, Colour, Textiles, Collecting and Display - illustrating the beauty in everyday objects and scenarios. Hans ability to transform the ordinary into stylishly executed vignettes, is what endears this book to offer every reader the inspiration to achieve simple, but very beautiful interiors. In Detail by Hans Blomquist £25, photography © Debi Treloar and Hans Blomquist, published by Ryland Peters and Small and available online here.


Who are you: Hans Blomquist

What is your work: Art Director and Stylist

Where can we find you? Website / Instagram

Describe your work in 5 words. Creating beautiful interior pictures.

Can you tell us a little about what you do? I am an interior art director and stylist, who tries to create inspirational interiors for different companies over the world.

What is a typical day in the office? I spend most of my time on location creating and styling home interior pictures. My days are mostly filled with collecting ideas and putting together moods and products for different photo shoots.

What is the first thing you do when you get to work? Drink a cup of coffee and decide which rooms to use for different pictures for the shoot I am working on.

Where is your office/studio and what is the view out of your window? My home is my office so it does depend on where I choose to sit for the day. I don’t have a specific desk, so I mostly use either a small table in our living room where I can see trees and the beautiful Paris buildings on the other side of the street, or in the dining room where I have a view on our kitchen.

What are the tools of your trade? Collecting interesting props (and ideas!) to add personality to any shoot I am doing.

What can’t you work without? My partner.

Why do you love what you do? I love working with pictures, to create different kinds of stories and ideas. I love the team effort it takes to create just amazingly beautiful pictures.

Who or what inspires you? Nature is my greatest source of inspiration. Not only for its colours and textures, but also because when I spend time in any kind of natural setting, there is a silence and space to think.

What is the best advice you have received? Be humble and true to yourself.

One moment in your career you will always remember. There is so many amazing moments in my career, so it is hard to pin point one exact moment. But, I will always be grateful to the people at IKEA in Sweden who believed in me in the early age of 16, and gave me a job as an intern student.

What is the best part of your job? That I get to create beautiful and inspirational pictures and get to work with so many talented and interesting people.

And the worst? There are not any really bad parts of my job. I just really love what I do, and there is always the possibility to turn a really bad situation into something good. Flexibility is one of the most important elements of my job.

What’s your proudest career achievement? My two books ‘The Natural Home’ and ‘In Detail’. But also all the pictures I have created for different companies over the world.

What are you working on at the moment? I am just finishing off a job for a Swedish department store called Åhlens, where we have created an apartment with their products that has both been photographed and filmed for a TV commercial. I have also just started to plan an office space which is totally new to me, but very exciting.

What single thing would improve the quality of your life? To be able to bring our whippet Felix on all our jobs.

Three of your favorite websites or Instagram feeds. I am not that good at following different websites or blogs, but I do love Instagram and there are too many favorites to just pick a few - I always find pictures interesting.

What have you learned the hard way? To be open to, and being able to change any kind of idea really quickly. There is no point being too stubborn or selfish when working in the commercial world, it is all about pleasing a whole team.

If you could do another job what would you like to do and why? I don’t think there is anything else I would like to do - I love my job!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to do what you are doing? Be yourself and find your own style and ideas. Try not to copy, but be inspired by someone you find very inspirational. Personality and your own ideas are key to success as a really good stylist. You also have to be very flexible and quick thinking to be able to change your initial idea in an instant when a client is not happy. You always have to have new solutions at hand.

If you could be someone for a day who would it be? I guess it would be me.

Do you have a secret ambition still to achieve? There are a lot of interesting and exciting clients to work with around the world. If I had to choose one today it would be Ralph Lauren, as I truly admire what he has achieved, and how he is very true to what he set his company out to be.

What is your personal motto? Be humble and truthful.

What would you like to be doing in five years time? I hope to still travel the world and be fortunate to work with very interesting and exciting clients.

If you had an extra hour each day what would you do with it? I would spend it being in contact with all the dear friends that I tend to neglect when I am really busy.

How would you like to be remembered? As a humble, funny and warm person.

Thank you Hans for talking to The Lifestyle Editor.


Hush is an online womenswear brand with a cool and contemporary attitude, providing a very wearable one-stop shop. From cashmere to bedwear, basics to accessories, their range is suitable for women of all ages and attitudes, who are not slaves to style. The photography for their AW14 collection also caught The Lifestyle Editor’s eye with its edgy, street vibe, shot beautifully against an urban rough-luxe background. Take a look at their website here which is also a visual delight.


Textured Type

I can’t believe that a year has shot past since I met up with Bobby Evans to talk about his highly recognisable poster work and how his much imitated vintage style developed. This week sees the launch of his studio’s reincarnation as Telegramme Paper Co. which maintains its emphasis on screen printed designs and gig posters but has now expanded to include home wares, custom wedding invites and hand-painted signs.

Kate Brighthouse has joined Telegramme and the pair’s shared passion for vintage and mid-Century illustration style looks to be very complimentary.

The new designs continue their masterful use of retro colour palettes and ‘off-register’, textured illustration style. I’m of course drawn to the more typographic designs. I think the blend of customised typefaces, textures and imaginative themes still set the bar for this type of Illustration work. 

“With a joint love of fine paper goods and the lost joy of sending and receiving post, Bobby & Kate run the Award Winning Telegramme Paper Co. from their studio in North London.”


During a trip to New York, designer Daniela Upmark came up with the clever idea for her business Bxxlght. Based in Stockholm, Daniela felt that she had found a product that was not on the Swedish design market, especially at a time when home furnishings were in focus, and personal creativity and variety were important. Consisting of an exterior frame and internal lighting source designed to illuminate a graphic from behind, the box lights can be wall mounted or free-standing. Available in two sizes, you can select nine letters for the large box or seven for the small box per row, and there are three rows on each Bxxlght. The letters are placed directly on a built-in etched plexiglas panel illuminated by LED’s. These illuminated message boards will create a striking focal point to any room - time to say what you mean in lights! For stockists check here.